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Applied Emotional Mastery | Jennifer Day

'In her wise book, Jennifer Day makes a powerful case for parental confidence. She argues that we should spend less time Googling for answers on how to raise our kids and more time simply relying on our common sense and innate wisdom. INTUITIVE PARENTING offers practical strategies for overcoming the stresses of parenting and embracing our own inner capacities.' Dan Pink, NY Times Bestselling author of DRIVE

'I want to congratulate you on your latest book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have recommended it many times. You explain complex matters in a very simple, easily understood way which is no mean feat. I particularly like the section on identifying core values. Very helpful. ' J.R. Psychologist

'How refreshing to read a book on parenting which focuses on internal values, effective communication and the importance of being and experiencing rather than doing and achieving. The explanations are clear and easily accessible - a heartfelt approach to parenting by being more in touch emotionally both with ourselves and our children.' Elizabeth Herrick, Author of 'Supporting Children with Anxiety'

What a breath of fresh air - a 'parenting' book without the didactic finger-pointing and judgement. Jennifer Day encourages parents to better connect with themselves and their value system, in order to parent more intuitively. She explores the idea that the greatest parenting 'tools' to exist are those already within us, offering guidance on how to discover these and put them to use.
It's a no-nonsense, practical guide that has given me the confidence to relax and listen to my i
ntuition... extremely handy for dealing with a 2 year old! 
S. Dollar - Amazon 5 star Review

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Applied Emotional Mastery | Jennifer Day

'Jennifer Day has created a wonderful, inspiring guidebook. Children of all ages as well as parents and teachers will find the exercises helpful, fun and inspiring! I highly recommend this book!''

Shakti Gawain, Bestselling author of Creative Visualization

'An easily understood and very effective practical guide. Wholeheartedly recommended!'  Book Reviews

'Finally, here's a book that brings the benefits of visualization to children!'  Moving Words

'A fine key to introducing visualization exercises to children and to using visualization as a coping tool early in life.' Children's Bookwatch

'This book is written to be used with children but adults love it too! The gentle but reviving imagery is carefully paced and succinctly put so that sessions can be guided properly to the level of children’s emotional and intellectual development'

Amazon 5 star review 



Applied Emotional Mastery | Jennifer Day

'Jennifer Day has once again proven herself to be among the most dynamic and thoughtful leaders in the self-help revolution. Once you read her work you will wonder why you waited so long.' Ronald Paul Hill, Bestselling author of Pearls Along the Path

'This book is a valuable contribution to the field of emotional management and personal development. Day provides a sense of hope and achievement in a n area frequently fraught with the frailties of the human condition.' E. Herrick, Psychologist, Author of 'Anger Management'



Applied Emotional Mastery | Jennifer Day

'Positive parents will love CHILDREN BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SAY - a guide to creating self-esteem and coping skills early on.'  Good Housekeeping Magazine

'..... accentuating the positive to encourage self-esteem in children! Invaluable!''  Mother Knows Best


'A delightful and valuable guide for parents interested in the full intellectual/spiritual development of both their children and themselves.' 

Joseph Chilton-Pearce, Bestselling author

'An excellent tools for parents, teachers and anyone who loves children. The games are fun, user-friendly and children love them!'  Deborah Roman, Bestselling author of 'Meditating with Children'

I' was amazed at how engaging and fun all of the exercises in this book are, even for older children. This priceless addition to your book shelf can even provide you with tools for improving your own self-esteem. After all, it's never too late for a happy childhood. Get started today with this awesome book!'  

Amazon 5 star review




Applied Emotional Mastery | Jennifer Day
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