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"Applying the simple secrets to mastering your internal state and emotions, practically, will have a transformational impact on you and on all your relationships."

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Jennifer Day, Founder and Coach

What kind of coaching are you looking for?

We use a practical science-backed methodology to help you learn how to effectively manage your emotions, communication and stress, for you to feel, act, lead, and parent at your very best! 

Our unique methodology leverages over 30 years of experience globally teaching individuals, and teams to manage their emotions and master their impact.

Feeling stressed and need help?

Applied Emotional Mastery® (AEM) is a simple, practical method for understanding and managing your stress and emotions, so your emotions work for you and support you, rather than run you.

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Emotions drive our thoughts and behaviours. Our emotions can eclipse logic at the best of times, and when in stress we are all challenged emotionally.



Well-researched solutions are key In today’s world of information overload. We need proven, easily doable solutions that are also backed by scientific research.



Communication is more than talking, more than words. It involves listening, connecting, tuning-in and understanding, and it all impacts every one of our relationships.

We offer three research-based coaching programmes, with each covering the key aspects of emotion and communication.

Our Coaching Programmes

We offer bespoke coaching for executives and parents, as 1-2-1 and with team-coaching/training for leadership-teams.

Our coaching programmes are tailored to your specific needs and the enhancement of your emotional intelligence and self-mastery. We help you to understand and manage your own and others' emotions, practically, so that you have the impact you want.

Check out our coaching programmes.

Executive Coaching | Applied Emotional Mastery


Become an emotionally intelligent leader. Learn to communicate effectively, and meet your challenges at work and in life with less stress and more ease.

Leadership Team Coaching | Applied Emotional Mastery

Leadership Team

Build resilient, motivated and successful teams and long term strategies through our exclusive program uniquely designed for you and your team.

Leadership Team Coaching | Applied Emotional Mastery


Tap into your innate parenting intuition to raise your child the best way possible and get rid of the guilt and overwhelm with our unique coaching programme.


With happy clients in over 20 countries. 

"Jennifer's expertise as an Emotion Coach has helped me transform as a leader. Her deep knowledge of neuroscience, psychology, and meditation has equipped me with invaluable tools to lead with emotional intelligence. I have not only become a more self-aware leader but have also seen a significant positive impact on all of my relationships at work. Jennifer's coaching has been a huge asset for my leadership, enhancing decision-making, collaboration, and communication while pro-actively addressing the underlying feelings and emotions that can hold back a team and a business from realizing its full potential."

Toby Coppel, Co-Founder and Partner Mosaic Ventures

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