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"Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them." Eckhart Tolle

Jennifer Day
Emotion Coach

Emotions drive our thoughts and behaviours. Our emotions can eclipse logic at the best of times, but in times of stress we are all challenged emotionally, and the ripple effect is unavoidable. 

If you are a leader or parent or someone who influences others, the challenge is two-fold!

I can help!

I've been Emotion Coach to thousands of leaders and parents globally for almost 30 years.

Using practical, science-backed approaches, I can help you too - to learn how to effectively manage your stress, emotions and communications so that you feel, act, lead, and parent at your very best! 

Together with my colleague Dr Melissa Rivera, we also offer tailored corporate leadership and leadership-team training programs.  

We offer our services in all time-zones - on Zoom, Skype, or whichever platform you prefer. 

I also offer limited in-person sessions in London (UK) - and have happy clients in 20+ countries!

  Master your emotions - master your impact!

Start by de-stressing

between work and home!

Try this short video .......

Take a look at the rest of our site!  You will find resources, videos, audios, tips and tools to help you manage your emotions as well as support others - including your children - to manage theirs.

Check out Tips and Tools, Books, and Coaching Programs 

To inquire about my coaching availability or programs please click below.

Online Course for Parents
Ditch all the overwhelming advice and learn how to access your own intuitive parent insights - With short, easy-to-watch videos designed for busy parents.
Simple-to-apply, practical tools are illustrated in fun, whimsical drawings,
also delivered in pdf's - and scientifically backed (although neither dry or boring!)  
Lifetime access and a bonus e-book (on your child's ages and stages: 0 - 20)
Tuned-In Parenting.jpg

Based on the 'best bits' from Jennifer's best-selling books, this course is for all parents.

"Jennifer Day makes a powerful case for parental confidence. She argues that we should spend less time Googling for answers on how to raise our kids and more time simply relying on our common sense and innate wisdom. INTUITIVE PARENTING offers practical strategies for overcoming the stresses of parenting and embracing our own inner capacities.”

 - Daniel H. Pink, NY Times bestselling author of DRIVE 


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Whether you're a leader or a parent or both,
applying the simple secrets to mastering 
your internal state and emotions, practically,
will have a transformational impact on you and on all your relationships.
"There's an emotion revolution going on! Join us!" 
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