Do you need help managing your emotions?

Our emotions can eclipse logic at the best of times, but during these times -more like the worst of times for many of us- we are all being challenged emotionally!   

If you are someone who has an influence on others, the challenge is two-fold.

I can help.

I'm Jennifer Day, Emotion Coach, Counsellor and Executive Coach to leaders and parents. I have been coaching and counselling using practical, science-backed approaches for over 20 years, worldwide. 

I coach on Skype, Zoom, or in-person*.

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As the difficult times with Covid-19 continue, it's important to keep in mind that our immune systems depend on our mental and emotional health and fitness.

Here is a short video to help you boost yours!


Elsewhere on this site, you will find resources, videos, audios, tips and tools to help you manage your emotions as well as support others - including your children - to manage theirs.

Check out Tips and Tools, Books, and Coaching Programs 

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*Face-to-face in-person coaching is currently not available due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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What Clients say:

"Jennifer Day brings to our frenetic modern era an approach whose time has come. .............................  a disarming blend of ancient teachings and advanced neuroscience, where the art of ‘being’ is supported by technological advancements in how the brain and body work together as an intricate piece of engineering.

Applied Emotional Mastery (AEM) is an exploration into how to equip oneself to live a meaningful life based on ‘mindful self-awareness’, where relationship with oneself – and the world in which we live - is a dynamic process of exchange, feedback, and discovery. ...........

AEM is a rediscovery of who we are in a manner that is fresh, insightful, and infinitely relevant. This is not theory lost in translation; it’s an unpacking of self-awareness that is elegant in its consideration and exceptionally relevant in application.


The sweeping impact of AEM cannot be overestimated. For those wishing to discover a sense of purpose, its crucial; for those wishing to deepen relationships, critical; for those wishing to live an abundant life, imperative."

Mike Bushore, CEO Tyler Capital Limited, London, UK

(Read full testimonial -and many more- on Testimonial page)

  Master your emotions -
master your influence!


'The last parenting book 

you'll ever need!' S.D., a parent and reader

"In her wise book, Jennifer Day makes a powerful case for parental confidence. She argues that we should spend less time Googling for answers on how to raise our kids and more time simply relying on our common sense and innate wisdom. INTUITIVE PARENTING offers practical strategies for overcoming the stresses of parenting and embracing our own inner capacities.”

 - Daniel H. Pink, author of DRIVE 

"How refreshing to read a book on parenting which focuses on the importance of being and experiencing rather than doing and achieving!

The explanations are clear and easily accessible - a heartfelt approach to parenting by being more in touch emotionally both with ourselves and   our children." 

E.Herrick, Psychologist and Author of  SUPPORTING CHILDREN WITH ANXIETY

"I just wanted to write to congratulate you on your latest book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have recommended it many times. You explain complex matters in a very simple, easily understood way which is no mean feat! I particularly like the section on identifying core values. Very helpful."

R.R. Psychotherapist


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Whether you're a leader or a parent or both,
applying the simple secrets to mastering 
your internal state and emotions, practically,
will have a transformational impact on you and on all your relationships.
"There's an emotion revolution going on! Join us!" 
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the art of emotion