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Empower your leadership team's journey with bespoke group coaching. Tailored for executives in your team, our transformative approach nurtures emotional intelligence progress and success at the group level.

Leadership Team Coaching will provide your team with a range of benefits.


An understanding of the neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence and team dynamics


Emotional capacity (ability to respond constructively in uncomfortable situations)


Increased understanding of their impact, with science-backed models to improve it


Greater team emotional intelligence


More efficient collaboration


Enhanced impulse control, stress-management and well-being


Improved Communication skills and inter-personal understanding


Preventative capacities for improved mental health and resilience


Reinforced team-trust and trustworthines


Enriched team cohesiveness

Our personalized team coaching includes the following features.

Research-based results | Applied Emotional Mastery

Research-based results

Initial assessment of individuals, teams, leadership and organisational culture

Ongoing research via interviews and surveys, linked to coaching progress

Program evaluation - both formative and summative.

Online or in-person training | Applied Emotional Mastery

Online or in-person initial training

Tailored team training designed to maximise individual and team cohesion, translating neuroscience insights to the specific needs of your team and your organisation. The training includes practical processes and skills to teach teams the power of their emotions, develop their emotional intelligence and give them tools to improve performance and well-being.

Coaching for success | Applied Emotional Mastery

Coaching for success

Follow-up one-on-one coaching offered to each participant over 3 to 6 months.

On-going coaching offers more in-depth approaches to meet your team’s specific on-going needs, and can include the option to learn to incorporate leadership coaching skills into your leadership and leadership team’s expertise.

Follow-up training | Applied Emotional Mastery

Follow-up training

Our second training revisits dynamics and progress leveraging feedback from the team and applied team-communication practices. This can translate the insights into tangible outcomes, that include deepening communication and collaboration skills, and the group-emotional-intelligence.

Evaluation | Applied Emotional Mastery


A comprehensive evaluation and report of the efficacy of the program for your leadership team. The evaluation uses multi-method research design, including pre- and post- surveys, semi-structured interviews and in-depth analyses.

Tools | Applied Emotional Mastery


Materials and resources for on-going application of skills and abilities developed – to use in teams and individually - both as hardcopy, downloadable, and on-line with life-time access.

How do we measure success?

We offer an optional evaluation for our coaching clients using multi-method research modules including pre and post survey tools, interviews and an in-depth analysis.

This option is especially relevant to executives or individuals working in corporate environments, where pre and post assessments and an improvement analysis can have significant value.


Led by AEM research director Dr Melissa Rivera, a Harvard graduate and frequently published researcher in the human potential field, specialising in Participatory Action Research.


With happy clients in over 20 countries. 

"Jennifer has worked with me on two different leadership teams and the impact of the high quality coaching and training has helped me develop my leaders to effectively lead our organization through difficult times with excellence. Most every other program I have experienced has only been able to help me integrate a small fraction of what I have learned. The AEM approach of one-on-one coaching with a focus on finding those associations between the AEM practices and the individuals values and habits, achieve a level of integration I have never experienced before. I am truly applying most of what I have learned through this program. I also see the benefits in every business setting, from a mundane meeting to shaping a multi million-dollar project program; the results are higher levels of motivation, dedication and ownership to deliver."

Marc Nadeau, US IT Project Business Analysis Lead

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