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Applied Emotional Mastery® is a simple, practical method for understanding and managing your stress and emotions, so your emotions work for you and support you, rather than run you.

Applied Emotional Mastery was born as a result of the founder, Jennifer’s long search for ‘sanity’ and the need to understand emotions, her own and others. Her background in the dance world and show-business, coupled with traumatic loss, divorce and being the single mother of an adolescent, surfaced the need to understand emotionally chaotic behaviour, from outside and from within.  So, after 15 years as a choreographer, director and teacher of professional dancers, she went back to school.


She studied meditation, psychology and counselling in London. She specialised in the management of stress and teaching meditation and visualisation to children. She then travelled to California and Hawaii to study further. As her studies progressed, she discovered, to no surprise, that dysfunction was not unique to the dance world. She learned that most people wanted help with their stress and relationships – but not necessarily therapy.

"Applied is the operative word here – applying the emotional intelligence and mastery you gain, practically, into your everyday life and relationships."

M. Moor 


For nine years, she studied various approaches to the management of stress and emotions, both in the UK and in the US. She moved with her teenage daughter to Hawaii, where she started a counselling practice. Little by little she combined the best of all the methods she had studied, and that her family had benefitted from using, to develop practical, simple and easy to implement solutions, designed to help the families she counselled and coached. The unique Applied Emotional Mastery (AEM) methodology was born, to help people move from regrettable actions and dysfunctions, to get to grips with their feelings, tap into their strengths, and unleash their possibilities for being where they wanted to be, emotionally and professionally.


Our methodology has achieved transformative results over the last two decades on a global scale, and has been coached and taught to thousands of individuals, executives, physicians, health-care professionals, students, teachers and parents in the USA, the UK, and internationally.

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