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Applied Emotional Mastery® is a simple, practical method for understanding and managing your stress and emotions, so they work for you and support you, rather than run you.


Applied Emotional Mastery: Our Story


"Applied is the operative word here – applying the emotional intelligence and mastery you gain, practically, into your everyday life and relationships." M.Moor. Client

As is often the case with ‘new’ methods in the human potential field, Applied Emotional Mastery was developed as a result of a long search and in response to the founder’s need – in this case my own search for ‘sanity’ and practically applicable emotional understanding. As a newly divorced single mother of an adolescent, - as if that wasn't bad enough, for good measure I also turned my back on a successful but highly dysfunctional career to start afresh with I knew not what(!) – I was only clear about one thing: that the duplicity, vitriol, backstabbing and unmanaged emotions of the dance world and show-business I had inhabited was not going to be a part of my life or my child’s life anymore. I also realised that unless I understood that very emotionally chaotic behaviour, also within myself, I would be doomed to continue the dysfunction, and that, I decided, was not an option! 

So, after 15 years as a choreographer, director and teacher of professional dancers, I went back to school.


I studied meditation, psychology and counselling in London. I specialised in the management of stress and teaching meditation and visualization to children (yes, that's me with some of those little ones) and their parents, and I wrote my first book about it. I travelled to California and Hawaii to study further, and as my studies progressed, I slowly but surely discovered that dysfunction was not unique to the dance world (surprise, surprise!) I also discovered that most people wanted help with their stress and relationships – but not necessarily therapy.


For nine years, I studied various approaches to the management of stress and emotions, both in the UK and in the US. I moved, with my teenage daughter, to Hawaii where I studied more and then started a counselling practice. Little by little I combined the best of all the methods I had studied, and that I and my family had benefitted from using ourselves, and developed the practical ‘in-the-moment’ solutions for families that I had so sorely needed back when I changed direction. These solutions were simple and easy to implement, designed to help the families I counselled and coached to move on from regrettable actions and dysfunctions, get to grips with their feelings, tap into their strengths, and unleash their possibilities for being where they wanted to be, emotionally and professionally.


Working with several brilliant collaborators, including most recently our own research director Dr Melissa Rivera, the solutions and tools were refined and improved upon and two more books followed (now published in more than ten languages). The resulting Applied Emotional Mastery™ (AEM) has been the subject of research studies and has been coached and taught to thousands of individuals, executives, physicians, health-care professionals, students, teachers and parents in the USA, the UK, and internationally over the last two decades, and continues to achieve transformative results for everyone who embraces it. 

In the last few years, the AEM work with parents has increasingly focused on helping them reconnect with the most powerful and enduring parenting tool that exists: their intuition. The need for this has become apparent from the ever-increasing noise created by the plethora of non-stop advice, information and judgments we are all inundated with, and which saps parents of their self-confidence and connection to their children. This work has resulted in (in the words of one parent) "the last parenting guide you'll ever need!" INTUITIVE PARENTING


I invite you to get in touch for a free consultation, or if you’d rather read more about AEM, check out one of the articles on this site, or try one of the audios or videos to help you feel more emotionally balanced! You can also sign up for my occasional Newsletter (3 or 4 times a year!), explore whether you'd like to purchase one of my books, or download sample chapters from one of them.


Wherever you go from here, I hope you find what you’re looking for - and please, get in touch! I’m here to help.


Jennifer x



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"Anyone can become angry - that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way, - this is not easy."  Aristotle

1989-92 Teaching meditation to children.
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2010 - present

2010 - present