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Feel empowered to regain peace, confidence, and effective parenting strategies. Say goodbye to the anxiety and exhaustion caused by information overload. Learn how to connect with your child's needs and foster mutual understanding, creating a harmonious family environment filled with joy.

Parents are bombarded with information about the 'right' way to do it all. How do you know which advice to follow?

All you want is some peace and to feel like you know what you’re doing, but you’re too anxious and worried about everything!


You’ve tried the ‘naughty step’ but it doesn’t work – it just makes him more defiant!


You’ve been told to ‘just ignore her’ but the tantrum just goes on and on, and you don’t know if it’s doing more harm than good.


You feel overwhelmed and exhausted because you find yourself doing everything - and then shouting – not being the parent you want to be.

Whatever you try, there’s still so much stress and things to do and worry about, you feel under-appreciated and also guilty, and wish you could all have more joy and harmony and some mutual understanding! 

You have an innate understanding of what your child needs—all you need is the ability to cut through the noise of information-overload and reconnect with your intuition.


Tune into your child and how they see the world.

The truth is you actually have what it takes to be the best parent for your child! All children are different, and you have the capacity to tune in to your child and how they see the world, and to use your insights and innate wisdom to guide and parent them better than any so-called expert ever could.


Be done with the over whelm.

You can be done with everything that gets in the way of tuning into your child and being the parent you want to be! You can learn and overcome limiting beliefs (your own and your child’s), and how to manage your stress in-the-moment – it’s so simple your child can do it too! 


Discover your own 'parenting blueprint'.

Learn the 3 levels of influence you have on your children and how to align them and make the very best of your parenting impact. Learn the very simple and underused ingredients for being the intuitive, confident, tuned-in parent to your child that you innately are!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm not sure I need this.
    Many parents today feel inundated with information and expert advice. If you have felt or feel overwhelmed by too much information and advice, Tuned-In Parenting could be what you want, - a very practical and easy to apply course that does NOT give advice but rather shows you how to connect with your own innate understanding and insights, so you can parent your unique child according to their unique needs.
  • I’m not sure this is a priority.
    If you are reading this, you have probably experienced feeling anxious or insecure or even stressed about your child and /or your parenting. Your little one will grow up quickly, before you know it your child is a young adult! This program has been designed to help you avoid regret and proactively bring as much wisdom and joy as possible to your parenting journey.
  • I’m not sure I believe in you.
    I have been working with parents and children for my entire adult life, and I am now a grandmother. More than two decades ago, I spent 9 years studying and researching various non-traditional approaches to managing stress and emotions, having already studied pedagogy and child development. Since then, I’ve taught thousands of parents and worked with a multitude of children, schools and teachers from dozens of cultures on both sides of the Atlantic. This wide array of experiences inform my approach as much as my own experience being a mother and grandmother. I have written 6 books for parents, (my first one published in 1994 is still selling and in ten languages). All are practical, as is all my work (hence the name of the methodology Tuned-In Parenting is based on: Applied Emotional Mastery – the operative word being ‘applied’).
  • I’m not sure I believe in the product.
    Tuned-In Parenting is the result of more than 30 years of active work (teaching, coaching, counselling) with parents, children and families, and a resulting recognition that parents need practical help to BE the best they can be - rather than advice (often contradictory) on what to DO to control their children. The practical tools and information in the course are also importantly all supported by the latest neuroscience and everything is thoroughly research-based. Tuned-In Parenting is illustrated by my own daughter, artist and designer (and mother of two) Tammy Day, who has created whimsical visuals and sketches that are both child friendly and also reflect the child-centred daily experience of most parents taking this course.
  • I don’t want to spend that much.
    The course is designed as a lifetime investment - to be a lifelong support, with tools and information you can come back to time and again, applicable to parenting at all ages and stages. I have had hundreds of parents tell me it’s the most valuable investment they’ve ever made! To quote a couple of participants: “The best money I’ve ever spent!”, Zoe, London, UK “This is an investment in yourself and your family.”, Delia, Hawaii, USA All modules come as videos as well as e-books, with additional resources including the bonus e-book ‘Grow, Grow, Blossom!’ An e-book with detailed information about growing children’s needs during each year and age and stage from 0 to 20 – (Note: although there is some differentiation between the needs of boys and girls in this book, it is based on research that has established the basic differing development needs, physically, mentally, and emotionally, that occur as a result of hormonal development. Should this not apply to your child, the information will nevertheless be valuable - and it is for guidance only).
  • I’m not sure I have time.
    Parents have the least amount of time of anyone I know! Yet, we still need time to find help and support (maybe also more than most!). With that in mind. Tuned-In Parenting is designed to be short, quick, and with simple practical tips and tools to easily apply. Each video is between 7 and 20 minutes long, and is visually designed to also engage or at least distract little ones if you for some reason need to have them on your lap or nearby. The tools to apply in between videos are also brief and easily integrated into daily life….. and you’ll notice a difference very quickly.
  • How long do I have access to the course?
    This is a lifetime access course – so until and including when you become a grandparent!
  • What if I’m unhappy with the course?
    If within 30 days you have gone through the course and do not feel closer to your goal, we offer a full refund!
  • Is this only for parents facing a specific issue?
    No, this course is for any parent who wants and needs to overcome stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and to reconnect to their own intuition and innate parent-wisdom. It is for parents who want to better tune in to their child and to build their own confidence in their intuitive capacities as a parent.
  • What age group would these methods work for?
    While the visual design is aimed at parents of younger and pre-adolescent children, the information applies to all ages and stages of growth.
  • How is this different from other parenting books or courses?
    Most other parenting courses are, in the words of many parents we have spoken to, ‘dry and academic’. Many also say they are too long .This is also our experience. While much of the content may have value, much is the opinion of either a young parent or the advice of an ‘expert’ with a specific school of thought. Many parenting courses also focus on the child and how to control or manage your child. Tuned-In Parenting does none of the above. Tuned-In Parenting is based on over 30 years of practical work with parents and children around the world as well as the latest neuroscience, and rather than give advice, aims to guide parents to parent from their most intuitive, self-managed (as in without stress) and values-aligned place. Created to honour parents’ busy schedules, and likelihood to be distracted or interrupted, the course is also designed with visuals and illustrations that are purposefully whimsical and reflect the child-centred day-to-day of most parents.
  • I’m so busy, How much time will it take?
    As mentioned, the course is divided up into short modules and videos, each one taking no more than between seven and (max) twenty minutes. The tool or focus recommended to apply in between modules is also very short and will not typically take more than a few minutes. The whole course is developmentally designed, so once you ensure you do the modules in the right order, the positive impact will be felt within a very short time.
  • I’m not sure I have that ‘innate’ parenting ability. Will this really work?
    You may not have the fully developed ability, but in our thirty years of doing this work, I and those I work with, have never met anyone who does not have the innate parenting capacities. This course is designed to help you address ‘what gets in the way’ of you developing and applying those capacities, and to develop them so that they impact your abilities, enhancing your parenting skills – and ultimately your relationship with your child.


With happy clients in over 20 countries. 

”This workshop makes virtually all other books and workshops of the self-help genre obsolete.” 

Joy Brizendine, Parent

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