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Meet our team of highly experienced professionals dedicated to helping you unlock your potential through emotional mastery. 

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Jennifer Day

Jennifer is a coach, counsellor, educator and facilitator, with a background in Psychology, Education and the Performing Arts.

She has more than thirty years experience in teaching, training and coaching emotional intelligence based on psychology and neuroscience.


She has designed and facilitated seminars and trainings for organisations, businesses, schools, parents, teachers and the general public in the USA, Hawaii, the Caribbean, the UK and Europe.


She spent almost a decade studying alternative approaches to stress and emotional management in both the UK and USA, earning diplomas in multiple disciplines including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Autogenic Training, Point of Power, HeartMath, and Applied Neuroscience.


Jennifer spent more than fifteen years in the performing arts, as a director, choreographer, producer, and dance teacher, founding and directing two companies and three schools. She co-founded Children Believe Inc. with her daughter, designer Tammy Day, a company dedicated to providing high quality resources and support for parents and families.


She has published seven books in more than ten languages.

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Melissa Rivera
Director of Research & Executive Coach

Melissa Rivera EdD, is a certified Applied Emotional Mastery Coach and experienced participatory action researcher.

She has worked with Jennifer Day for almost twenty years, co-facilitating executive training programs as well as directing research into AEM methodology, especially emotional intelligence in leadership, team communication and collaboration, and organisational culture.

In addition, for three decades she has focused her research on learning and leadership in public schools (USA), non-profit organisations and social entrepreneurial companies. Her scholarship is grounded in psychology (developmental, positive, somatic), critical/feminist theories, modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom traditions, and is centred on personal transformation, collective change and social justice.

Her publications include Latino Education: An Agenda for Community Action Research and PAR EntreMundos: A Pedagogy of the Americas. She received her undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Brown University and Harvard Graduate School of Education, respectively.


Tibisay Vera
Senior Consultant, Coach and Applied Neuroscience Master Trainer

Tibisay holds an MBA and an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience and has more than 20 years of experience working for large organizations in corporate finance, change management, leadership, organizational and personal development and executive coaching. She is the Director of the UK branch of the International Academy of Neuroscience and Education and is the founder of Sparkling Performance consultancy firm. She is the author of the PEPE© model of the neuroscience of change.

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