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Welcome to some hand-picked articles and podcasts. Here you will find some valuable insights, expert advice, and real-life stories to guide you.

Yahoo Finance | Applied Emotionl Mastery

Deflating the Emotionally Charged Work Environment: How Jennifer Day Aims to Help Business Leaders Master their Emotions

This article explores strategies for managing emotionally charged environments, highlighting Jennifer Kammeyer's insights on defusing tension and fostering productive communication in various contexts.

Work Life Central | Applied Emotionl Mastery

Parenting Tip From the Professionals - Intuitive Parenting

WorkLifeCentral offers articles, resources, or services related to improving work and personal life integration.

Daddilife | Applied Emotionl Mastery

An Emotional Approach to Better Parenting

This article discusses the importance of adopting an emotional approach to parenting for fathers, emphasizing the benefits it can bring to both children and fathers themselves.

First Time Dads | Applied Emotionl Mastery

How to Avoid Second Guessing Your Parenting Choices

In this podcast episode, tips are shared on how first-time dads can avoid second-guessing their parenting decisions and gain confidence in their roles as fathers.


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