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Client testimonials

Working with Jennifer has been transformative. She has given me a powerful set of emotional tools, both immediately relevant in personal and professional life, whilst also enabling huge opportunity for further growth.
Dr Nick Quaife, London, UK
Whilst it may seem a considerable investment, my sessions with Jennifer have been the best money I've ever spent! The self-reflection you under-go with her gives you new levels of self-awareness and practical tools to change things you are not happy with about yourself; do not cope with well with; and re-focuses you on what does give you pleasure and what you should focus on and frame your life around making happen. I truly looked forward to my sessions with Jennifer and miss not seeing her. However, her voice is in the back of my mind still and whether in a difficult work or personal situation, the tools she gave me often come back into play.
Zoe Patoff, Executive, London, UK
Unlike any other programs or coaching I have participated in before, AEM builds a foundation of understanding and practical practices which are then integrated into one’s daily routine through custom coaching and follow through….. a level of integration I have never experienced before! I am truly applying what I have learned through this program. I also see the benefits in every business setting, from a mundane meeting to shaping a multi million-dollar project program; the results are higher levels of motivation, dedication and ownership to deliver.
Marc Nadeau, Director PricewaterhouseCoopers US IT, Tampa, USA

My work with Jennifer has transformed my life. She has shown me how to remove the barriers I had put in place and given me the tools to develop myself in ways which i could not have imagined. The effect on both my emotional life and career has been remarkable. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who would like to empower themselves and improve their life.

Abir Chatila, parent, London, UK

Jennifer Day brings to our frenetic modern era a humble ancient approach whose time has come. Walking in the footsteps of Margaret Wheatley and Peter Senge, her approach is a disarming blend of ancient teachings and advanced neuroscience, where the art of ‘being’ is supported by technological advancements in how the brain and body work together as an intricate piece of engineering.


Applied Emotional Mastery (AEM) is an exploration into how to equip oneself to live a meaningful life based on ‘mindful self-awareness’, where relationship with oneself – and the world in which we live - is a dynamic process of exchange, feedback, and discovery. AEM at its core has a quantum dynamic to it where energy is the source of being, exchange, and association; where knowing ourselves is an expression of knowing another. Jennifer teaches us that breathing is not just an act of physiology, rather the art of absorbing the cosmos of life as essential nutrients for personal growth.


AEM is a rediscovery of who we are in a manner that is fresh, insightful, and infinitely relevant. This is not theory lost in translation; it’s an unpacking of self-awareness that is elegant is its consideration and relevant in application. Breaking down historical barriers of mind-body duality and ushering in a refreshing reconciling of mind and body builds on the systems-thinking approach of Peter Senge in a manner that extends from oneself to all relationships in which contact is made, whether family, friends or the fraternity of organisational design.


Moreover, it’s a humanistic approach in today’s technologically sophisticated world, where its teachings are as relevant for the person as much as it is for understanding our relationship with technology - important in this era of artificial-intelligence where new relationships between man and machine are being demanded, where technology has cognition, but no consciousness.


The sweeping impact of AEM cannot be underestimated. For those wishing to discover a sense of purpose, its crucial; for those wishing to deepen relationships, critical; for those wishing to live an abundant life, imperative.

Mike Bushore, CEO Tyler Capital Ltd, London, UK

Through the process I am doing with Jennifer I became a better version of myself. 

I am not a victim of any situation anymore, whether it's at work, with my parents or in my relationships. I became more aware of my emotions and I have the tools I gained in the process to help me get centred and direct my energy to benefit me and others. 


It is a beautiful journey that I wish everyone could go through. We would all become better people, better parents, better friends, better partners and better colleagues. 

I am the luckiest person in the world to have Jennifer and AEM as a part of my life journey and I'm grateful.    

Michal Zeevi, MD, DesignIt, Tel Aviv, Israel
I highly recommend this; simple concepts; easy to use; tools for a lifetime; an investment in yourself and in your family!
D. Valentin, Parent, Hawaii
Empowering! Better than 20 years of therapy!
Julie McCallister, Psychotherapist, Florida, USA
Jennifer is warm and caring and supportive. She has a clear and relaxed style. I highly recommend her.
Susan Kaye, MD, Challenge of Excellence, Ascot, UK
 Ten years later I am still amazed by and filled with deep gratitude to Jennifer Day …. Working with her was big part of coming to a place of authentic well-being… to this day I feel inspired to share what she imparted through our work together, with friends in need.
Marlena Connella, Executive, Washington, USA
Concepts and tools to implement easily - and immediately!
A. Catalao, Parent, San Diego, CA, USA
This has made me discover what a incredible resource is hidden within! Transformational!
Stephen Schweitzer, CEO, Hawaii, USA
Jennifer is a leading edge thinker. She introduced me to concepts that I have woven successfully into my life. She is fun, smart and creative. I highly recommend her.
Bethany Bunnell, Creative Director, OSN, Dubai
This work offers a sense of control over oneself and surrounding circumstances that is truly empowering.
Peter Morris, Director, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Tampa, USA
This makes virtually all other work, books and seminars in the self-help genre obsolete.
Joy Brizendine, Parent, Florida, USA
Jennifer Day is one of the most talented and engaging coaches and speakers I have ever met and I have worked with some of the very best!  
Ronald Paul Hill, PhD, Author, Founding Dean of the College of Business, FL, USA
The effects of this work on my life were drastic and immediately apparent to me. All relationships in my life, including my relationship with myself, have improved in quality and depth. I feel my life path has become more clear and smooth.
Maia Gallo, Teacher, USA
This has helped me achieve greater peace, less stress and clearer communication. It has positively impacted my business, my relationships and my parenting.
Morgan Liddell, CPA, CEO, HI, USA

Both personally & professionally, thru the practice of AEM techniques I have better management of all my priorities, I can be more patient with team members & family members.  I make time to learn about others, and I think am becoming more personable & open to others.  I feel much more comfortable talking to others and learning & sharing with staff regarding theirs & my experience.  This allows me to "walk in their shoes" much better.
With AEM tools learned, I am able to make adjustments to my behaviors & reactions to make the work & life environment a more calm & enjoyable place

Lechi Vo, Director of IT Project Management, Florida, USA

Working with Jennifer during my divorce was an invaluable experience. In the dark tunnel of divorce, Jennifer intently and gently lit the way through the unknown territory of separating a family and separating households. Jennifer easily became the voice for our voiceless children often in the middle of disputes about time, money, holidays etc… She also skillfully held the space for true closure to my marriage so that a new agreement could be envisioned. This was an absolute necessary milestone to be able to move forward in the difficult process of separating. After 6 years of divorce, my children’s father and I continue to use the co-parenting template that Jennifer developed for us which became integrated into our divorce agreement. I could not imagine working though the tender issues of children and divorce without having Jennifer’s guidance and support. I highly recommend working with Jennifer through the difficult terrain of your divorce/separation. You and your children will benefit greatly from it.

Julie M. Friedman, Psychologist, Clearwater, FL. USA
Extremely interesting, helpful, and quite frankly inspirational!
C. Bowden, Parent, Danes Hill, Surrey, UK
This work has saved my life!
Nolan Frederick, Olivier Award-winning actor, London, UK
This teaches the ‘how to’ for moving from concept to practice.
Carol Conley, Family Counsellor, California, USA
The AEM sessions with you have created a profound difference in our professional and personal lives. The profound here cannot be expressed in few sentences. The insights gained are gratifying, deep and often subtle. The sequence and practical applicability of the AEM training material strengthens the learning process and the AEM training has helped me gain some deeper insights into coaching, and its application at work allows me to continually explore and grow myself.
Milind More, Director, PwC, Tampa, FL, USA
The power of this work matches the needs of today’s society.
Kay Snow-Davis, Author, Colorado, USA
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