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coaching programs

One-to-One Coaching
For Individuals and Executives  


  • Access innate wisdom in stressful moments

  • Gain more clarity of thought and decision-making

  • Communicate clearly and skilfully

  • Achieve consistent work-life balance

  • Feel better about yourself, your choices, and your interactions


One-to-One Coaching, Tailored to You

“Through the process with Jennifer I became a better version of myself. I became more aware of my emotions and now I have the tools I gained in the process to help me get centred and direct my energy to benefit me and others. It is a beautiful journey that I wish everyone could go through. We would all become better people, better parents, better friends, better partners and better colleagues." 

                 Michal Zeevi, M.D. DESIGNIT, Tel Aviv, Israel

Created as you're coached: 
your own personalised
'Book of You'
w/tools to enjoy for life!
Work-Life Balance
Strong Relationships
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Measurable outcomes
How does the coaching work?


In a series of 1-2-hour sessions, you experience 3 modules:


  • LEARNING - tailored to be relevant to you and your agenda –the latest, leading edge scientific information about how your brain and physiology work, is made practical and relevant to your particular situation. Bio-feedback is offered for a real-time experience of the impact of emotions.


  • COACHING for your success - your chosen coaching method - in person, by phone or Skype – is both developmental and dynamic, incorporating simple, practical, interactive practices designed to help you with your specific circumstances, all built into a bespoke folder -A 'BOOK OF YOU' - created throughout your coaching sessions, that you can reference and use in years to come. Also included are regular follow-up emails and texts, as needed.


  • SUSTAINING outcomes - On-going coaching offers more in-depth approaches to meet your specific on-going needs – and an option to learn to incorporate coaching skills into your leadership expertise.


What are the outcomes?


  • Immediately reduced stress and stress-reactions

  • Clearer, wiser, more creative thinking and decision-making

  • Greater productivity and enjoyment

  • Improved communication skills

  • Increased intuitive skills and confidence

  • Better work-life balance and well-being



Is it possible to measure the outcomes?



We offer an optional evaluation for anyone going through a coaching programme, using multi-method research modules including pre and

post survey tools, interviews and an in-depth analysis.

This option is especially relevant to executives or individuals working in corporate environments where pre and post assessments and an improvement analysis can have significant value.

This comprehensive evaluation is carried out by AEM research director 

Dr Melissa Rivera, a Harvard graduate and frequently published

researcher in the human potential field, specialising in Participatory Action Research.


“This work has helped me achieve greater peace, less stress, and clearer communication. It has positively impacted my business, my relationships and my parenting skills!”   M. Liddell, CPA, Hawaii, USA




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