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coaching programs

Parent Coaching
For Parents Together, Co-Parents, or Single Parents


  • Stay a step ahead!

  • Receive personal coaching relevant to you and your child’s needs

  • Get coaching tailored to your specific family circumstances

  • Benefit from personalised coaching on how to parent  appropriately for every age and stage of your child’s growth


Tailored to you and your child

I highly recommend this; simple concepts; easy to use; quick results; tools for a lifetime. An investment in yourself and in your family.”

D. Valentin, Parent & business owner, Hawaii, USA

See Life through
your child's eyes
Parenting barefoot-beach-cheerful-157465
Practical, interactive tools, designed for you and your child
How does the coaching work?


In a series of 1-hour sessions, in person or by Skype, you experience:


  • LEARNING - tailored to be relevant to you and your child –the latest, research findings about the brain and child development is made practical and relevant to your particular situation. Bio-feedback is offered for a real-time experience of the impact of your emotions, and all you learn is built into a personalised folder created throughout your coaching sessions, for you to reference and use in years to come. 


  • COACHING - your chosen coaching method - in person or Skype – incorporates simple, practical, interactive practices designed to help you with your specific parenting challenges. You are supported with regular follow-up emails and texts between sessions, as needed, pdf's and audios. On-going coaching is offered for more in-depth approaches to meet your specific on-going needs and the needs of your child. 



SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES -  such as parents living apart or divorcing, and creating co-parenting agreements:

Jennifer Day has two decades of experience helping parents meet the specific needs of their children in circumstances when parents are not able to create the family environment they might desire. This includes helping parents place the needs of their children before their own, predict and resolve common issues, and co-parent more effectively

than they otherwise would.


       "Working with Jennifer during my divorce was an invaluable experience.  In the dark tunnel of divorce, Jennifer intently and gently lit the way through the unknown territory of separating a family and separating  households. I highly recommend working with her through the difficult terrain of your divorce or separation. You and your children will benefit greatly."

        Julie M. Friedman, Parent, Psychologist, Florida, USA


All Parents Learn:
  • How to meet your child’s specific needs at each developmental stage

  • How to communicate so that your child really understands

  • How to listen so that your child feels understood

  • How to see life through your child’s eyes - at each and every

    age - so that you may guide your child more effectively,

  • How to manage stress so you don't parent in ways you later regret

  • The latest brain research and how it may apply to your child 

  • Your 3 levels of influence and why they need to be congruent

  • Age appropriate responsibilities and what to expect from your child

  • How your own childhood can improve your parenting skills



   “In our world today the family unit is the most vulnerable of all our social structures.

The power of this work matches the needs of present day families. Jennifer is highly

skilled, completely devoted to both the children and the parents and committed to excellence.”                                      Kay Snow-Davis, Author, Author/Counsellor, Colorado, USA  






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