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Jennifer Day

 AEM Founder/Director
Jennifer Day has taught and facilitated internationally for more than thirty years. Specialising in emotional intelligence coaching and facilitation, teacher-training and parenting, she is the author/co-author of six books translated into ten languages, and has designed and facilitated seminars and trainings for organisations, businesses, schools, parents, teachers and the general public in the USA, Hawaii, the Caribbean, the UK and Europe.

She is also a mother and grandmother. With her daughter, artist and designer, Tammy Day, she co-founded CHILDREN BELIEVE INC., a company dedicated to providing high quality resources and support for parents and families.

Born, raised and educated in Europe, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dancing, with a degree in Pedagogy from Oslo, Norway, Jennifer spent more than fifteen years in the performing arts, as a director, choreographer, producer, and teacher of dance. Over the course of 15 years, she founded and ran three dance schools, a production company and a professional dance company (still in existence today). 


In 1988 she chose to change direction and embarked on the study of meditation as well as studies at The Institute of Stress Management (UK) and the Global Family Education Center (USA).

Gaining her counselling qualifications, specialising in person-centred counselling and play therapy, she spent almost a decade studying alternative approaches to stress and emotional management in both the UK and USA, including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Autogenic Training, Point of Power, and HeartMath, gaining diplomas in all of the above. She has most recently completed foundational studies in applied neuroscience with the Academy of Neuroscience and Education.  


She co-founded and directed VIA, a Stress Management consulting firm in the UK and co-designed and directed an emotional literacy program that was implemented in 12 state schools in the UK (2003-2006). In the USA,  Jennifer had a private counselling and parent-coaching practice (from 1994 to 2011), and gave bespoke EI trainings to numerous corporations, organisations, schools, parents, and individuals across the country, from Hawaii and the west coast to to the east coast and Florida.


She has been affiliated with a number of research initiatives looking at the power of emotions in behaviour, learning, and business leadership. In 2011 she moved back to London, UK, where she now lives and has a thriving coaching practice (both in-person and on-line with clients across the globe). She continues to coach executives and parents, and to design and facilitate trainings, executive coaching, and consultations in Applied Emotional Mastery, internationally.

Her latest book INTUITIVE PARENTING is published by Little,Brown (2019).





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