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"In her wise book, Jennifer Day makes a powerful case for parental confidence. She argues that we should spend less time Googling for answers on how to raise our kids and more time simply relying on our common sense and innate wisdom. INTUITIVE PARENTING offers practical strategies for overcoming the stresses of parenting and embracing our own inner capacities.”

 - Daniel H. Pink, NY Times Bestselling author of DRIVE and many other books. 

"How refreshing to read a book on parenting which focuses on the importance of being and experiencing rather than doing and achieving! 

The explanations are clear and easily accessible - a heartfelt approach to parenting by being more in touch emotionally both with ourselves and   our children." 

E.Herrick, Psychologist and Author of  SUPPORTING CHILDREN WITH ANXIETY

"I just wanted to write to congratulate you on your latest book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have recommended it many times. You explain complex matters in a very simple, easily understood way which is no mean feat! I particularly like the section on identifying core values. Very helpful." 

R.R. Psychotherapist

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 The joy of parenting!

In these tumultuous times, constant access to information and expert advice can sometimes feel reassuring - but often anxiety-provoking too, especially as much of the advice can be contradictory! For parents this can be especially problematic, leaving us feeling overwhelmed as we try to navigate and juggle all the external pressure with trying to be the best parent we can be. In fact, 'overwhelmed' is a term most often expressed by parents we talk to.
Feelings of anxiety, insecurity and constant stress can actually drive wedges between parents and children, rather than fostering the connection that is really needed.
Intuitive Parenting offers the solution: based on the authors many decades of working with parents and children, as well as extensive research, this book gives you swift, practical and to-the-point information to 
help you reconnect with your own deep wisdom and the parenting intuition that you innately have. YOU are the expert of your child and this book will help you tune into and have confidence in that innate wisdom and in your child, improving your relationship for you both.  

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