Team Coaching with Unique Equine-Assisted Feedback
For Executive Teams

A unique 2-day team-leadership programme to integrate enduring communication and collaboration skills grounded in a thorough understanding and practical application. 


   Teams develop

  • Improved Communication 

  • Improved Team Cohesiveness

  • Improved and More Efficient Collaboration


​   Executives develop

  • Increased Self-Awareness and Self-Understanding

  • Increased Impulse Control

  • Increased Empathy and Trustworthiness




 How does the team-coaching work?


Over your chosen time-period your executives experience 3 modules:


INITIAL OFF-SITE - A uniquely tailored off-site training with a wealth of new insights from neuroscience, translated to be accessible and relevant to the specifics of the team.

Included is an interactive bio-feedback demonstration of the biology of performance, giving teams a visceral experience of the power of their emotions.

Information and practical skills learned are tested in a unique outdoor equine-assisted experience, as well as with interactive processes designed to maximize individual and team creativity and cohesion. The horses offer immediate feedback on the teams’ and individuals’ beliefs, communication, and behavioural patterns. A unique opportunity for teams and individuals to observe what works and what doesn’t, participants gain instant insight on team and individual dynamics. During the session, issues are rapidly dealt with and solutions found.


COACHING FOR SUCCESS - The training is practically applied with follow-up one-on-one coaching offered to each participant over 3 to 6 months. On-going coaching offers more in-depth approaches to meet your specific on-going needs –  and includes an option to learn to incorporate coaching skills into your leadership expertise.


FOLLOW-UP OFF-SITE AND OUTCOME EVALUATION - A second off-site revisits dynamics and progress, with feedback from the horses, resulting in un-matched authentic and tangible outcomes. 

A comprehensive evaluation of the efficacy of the program for your leadership team is also offered using multi-method research design, including pre- and post- surveys, semi-structured interviews and in-depth analyses, with your detailed report presented after the conclusion of the program.


“This work achieves a level of integration I have never experienced before. The impact of the high quality coaching has helped me develop my leaders to lead our organization through difficult times with excellence. I see benefits in every setting.” 

M. Nadeau, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC   


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