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Visualization & Stories for relaxation and effective stress relief

We all think in images, or ‘visualize’ constantly, from the day we are born and throughout our entire life, 24/7. We feed the images in our minds with our emotions, our emotions are in turn fed by the images, and we can easily end up in a perpetual cycle which can be either positive or negative. Mastering emotions requires awareness and management of our internal imagery.

Following are specially selected and recorded guided audios that will help you take charge: relax or re-energize, release tension or get more focus and clarity, as well as let go of stress and breathe the way you were born to breathe, or just create positive images in your mind.

So take a moment get comfortable and press play!


 Breathing and Stress Release

Breathe Easy

A great daily breathing exercise

Tension Release & Breath

For even-paced and balanced breath

Deep Breathing

For deep focus and a great physical boost

Quieting the Mind

To help with inner "chatter" and to promote peaceful thought

Breathing Exercise

A short breathing visualization

Deep Relaxation

To de-stress

Targeted Exercises & Visualizations

Expectant Mothers

An excellent and popular visualization for Mothers-to-be and the baby in the tum too!

Goal Setting

Help with goals

Effortless Exercise for Legs & Feet

Good for stimulation and tension, perfect for "desk tension".

Friends & Family Perception

A visualization exercise for viewpoint & perception shifts

Effortless Exercise for Posture

Using visualization to improve your stature


for improving performance, in work, sport, or achieving goals

Stories, legends and fables have been used as a way of teaching since time began. These stories are derived from various indigenous traditions around the world, and have been chosen for their illustration of qualities and values that need to be nurtured for a healthy self-image and emotional intelligence to be developed and sustained.

Stories & Fables for Children

Heart of Gold

A story about how generosity and sharing can be, above all, fulfilling for the giver.

A Point of View

A story to show a person’s perception alone can completely determine their experience of a situation.


A Fable from Asia

The Wishing Tree

A traditional fable about the power of the mind and the imagination. It illustrates how important it is to “be careful what you wish for.”

Visualizations for Children

The Garden

This is a basic visualization that has proven to be very helpful for any situation when a child needs to relax or needs help to feel safe and secure.

Creating an inner sanctuary, where the child can find peace, feel safe, and nurture creativity.


Clouds Of Perception 

One of the most difficult things to accept is that our perception determines our response to any situation. This visualization can help children to grasp this concept and understand to that they have a choice in how they see things.

Help with Nightmares & Fears

If your child suffers from nightmares or nighttime anxiety, try this visualization just before bedtime. Ensure your child is quiet and comfortable first. It can also be helpful as soon as possible after your child wakes up from a bad dream.

NOTE: If your child has frequent nightmares, or is frightened by ‘monsters’ under the bed or elsewhere, use this visualization once, within the context of a quiet time or a meditation. If or when the nightmare recurs, use the visualization again immediately or as soon as possible (If your child prefers your voice, write down the ‘script’ and read it yourself). If your child is old enough to use the visualization him/herself, remind them just before bedtime, that they have this useful tool!

Note: These processes & exercises are not intended to replace therapy or any other form of professional counseling and should not be used instead of properly qualified medical or mental health practices.

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